About Real Face

The Concept

The Real Face Of An African Child is a children's reality talent hunt show designed to bring to the limelight gifted children from Africa. The early years play a key role in children's development, the bonds they form with their family and dwelling, residential and relational communities, programs and services deeply affect the future physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. Hence the NEED to capture them early. The quality of a child's relationship matters from the very start, the boldness, personality, character, qualities and disposition of a child can easily be captured on his face, on the real face of an African child.  

The Initiators

The Real Face of an African Child is an initiative of Hope Alive Concept a non-profit organisation registered in the Federal Republic Of Nigeria. It was established out of passion to address the enormous challenges faced by millions of African children all over the continent. This unique program seeks to empower the African child as well as to bring together other organizations that share the same focus such as changing the international community perspective about an African child.  

The Goal

We seek to save the children, help women and children suffering –  working together to help develop various talents in children and also  prove to the world at large that African children have all it takes to  succeed.
The maiden event took place  on the 26th  December  2015 at  Metropolitan Palace hotel, Daira,  Dubai which witnessed 8 year old   miss Jessica Obalu emerge as winner. The event was packaged by Hope  Alive Concept. 

About Hope alive concepts



The Real Face Of an African Child is a project of HOPE ALIVE  CONCEPTS. Hope Alive Concept is an NGO established in the year 2005 by  his Excellency Ambassador Obioma Emmanuel Ngoka & Mrs Ifeoma Ngoka.  We reach out to the less priviledged children in the world. We ensure a  brighter future for children. We ensure adequate education for children  locally, nationally, and internationally. We improve the quality of  education and health for children by enhancing the environments they  learn in. We teach children how to be self-sufficient and leaders in  their communities. Provide much needed health support for millions of  children. Provide food and clothing for the less priviledged 


The Team

His Excellency Ambassador Obitex Emmanuel Ngoka, is the founder of Hope  Alive Concepts, a platform that nurtures and grooms African Children to  display their God given talent. He presently is one of the directors of  Helping Hands International, an NGO with penchant for human capacity  development, touching lives of the less privileged and empowering  people. Chairman and Founder of Hope Alive Towers and Logistics Ltd, the  chairman of African Child Towers and Logistics Ltd, he was awarded  Ambassador for Peace International Award with Ex-President  Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in Aso Rock, he also received an award of  Excellence on 26th Dec 2015 in Deira Park United Arab Emirate Dubai. He  was honoured with an award of Excellence from Presbyterian Church  of Nig. Abia Chapter. Ngoka Obitex E; is a young man full of vigor, and  his passion to uphold our cultural Heritage is second to none. 


Our Vision

To  transform the lives of the less privileged by inspiring them through  creating an avenue to improve their standard of education, knowledge and  their communication skill.

What We Do:
Click here to visit the Hope Alive website: http://www.hopealiveinternational.info/